C-ROADS Model Version History

May 2020 Release


  • C-ROADS Model version 1.26
  • Updated historical data through 2018 for GDP and CO2
  • Update F-gases to be consistent with SSP2 (as with En-ROADS)


  • Add new menu selection, Help>Release Notes, to access model release notes

March 2020 Release


  • C-ROADS model version 1.22
  • Updated historical values
  • Updated start years to 2020


  • Redraw the chart when the large graph window is resized
  • Doubled the size of labels on the large graph window
  • Resized the temperature panel fonts when the window is resized
  • Removed spurious scrollbars in some layouts
  • Changed afforestation and deforestation to percent of max
  • Change graph menu title from “Model Validation” to “Model Comparison”


  • Added partial Korean localization
  • Improved the way Afforestation is simulated (need details)
  • Change MIT link to the Sustainability Initiative
  • Notarize the Mac app at the App Store
  • Added new CI resources links

March 2018 release

Version 1.1.7, released on 2018-03-14

  • C-ROADS model version 1.09
  • Refine the layout of the temperature in 2100 panel
  • Added Paris outcome reference scenarios to more graphs
  • Quit app when window closed on Mac
  • Add Windows shortcuts to all menus