C-ROADS User Guide

Using C-ROADS🔗

C-ROADS is a system dynamics model that responds in real time to user inputs. Using the table in the bottom left side of the interface, users can enter actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as land use and forestry emissions. Under the Simulation menu item, users can choose to use C-ROADS in 6-region, 3-region, or Global mode, and can also adjust some model assumptions.

To use the input table, first set the year in which greenhouse gas emissions peak by specifying a year between the present and 2100. For groups where their emissions have already peaked, enter the current year for the peak year. Next, input the year in which emissions start to reduce, and then at what annual rate the reduction occurs. Finally, select the level of effort to prevent deforestation and promote afforestation, where 0% indicates no additional effort and 100% indicates maximum effort. Hover over each column title to view a more detailed description.

After an input is entered, the model will run and the graphs and temperature increase will update. The tab key can be used to move across the table. There is a large selection of graphs to explore, which can be viewed by either clicking on the current graph titles or under the Graphs menu item. The three dots to the right of the graph title offer more available options for the graph and its data. To learn more about the available features in C-ROADS, please view this tutorial video.

Please visit support.climateinteractive.org for additional inquires and support.

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