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Other Impacts🔗


The pH sector of En-ROADS reflects the empirical function presented by Bernie et al. (2010). As the atmospheric concentration in the atmosphere increases, the pH of the ocean decreases by a third order response.

Other Impacts from Temperature Change🔗

The continuous increase in the global temperature is expected to cause a variety of impacts on ecology and human activities – in addition to sea level rise, increased ocean acidity and the loss in global GDP discussed in previous sections. More frequent and intense extreme weather events, major reduction in global crop yield and biodiversity loss are some examples of the other anticipated impacts of climate change. En-ROADS simulates five categories of such climate impact metrics (some categories containing more than one metric):

  • Population Exposed to Sea Level Rise
  • Probability of Ice-free Arctic Summer
  • Decrease in Crop Yield from Temperature
  • Species Losing More than 50% of Climatic Range
  • Additional Deaths from Extreme Heat

Building on the findings of five peer-reviewed climate studies, we formulated the relationship between global mean temperature (as well as sea level rise) and these metrics (primarily through interpolation and extrapolation.

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