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Sea Level Rise🔗

Sea Level Rise (SLR) is modeled by extending the semi-empirical approach proposed by Vermeer and Rahmstorf (2009) in a way to accommodate the water impoundment by artificial reservoirs and to experiment with higher levels of contribution to SLR from ice sheet melting in Antarctica and Greenland than already assumed. The model is estimated from historical data 1900-2021, a period with low levels of warming that therefore may underestimate future sea level rise from the faster-than-historical rates of melt of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. “Contribution to SLR from Ice Melt in Antarctica by 2100” and “Contribution to SLR from Ice Melt in Greenland by 2100” sliders allow users to capture these effects. Sliders are initialized with the mid-range estimates for the contribution of ice sheet melting in Antarctica/Greenland in the IPCC AR6 report.

Model Structure🔗

Figure 12.1 En-ROADS Sea Level Rise Model Structure

Model Equations🔗

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