En-ROADS Model Version History

March 2020 Release

Along with the details listed below, we’ve made a cool video highlighting the important feature additions and changes to model behavior.

Check it out: March 2020 Release Video

Model Upgrade


  • En-ROADS model to version 2.7.11
  • Updated the equation for the Energy Intensity of New Capital to better respond to price effects
  • BAU improvement rate in emission intensity and Annual improvement rate of emission intensity for F-gases were adjusted to reflect SSP2 baseline trajectories
  • The settings for CH4 and N2O emissions from agriculture and waste have also been slightly updated



  • Add “Hydro” data to “Average Cost of Electricity Production” graph and correct the name of “Renew/Hydro” to Renewables”
  • Corrected several missing Related Graphs in some advanced views
  • Corrected the variable in “Marginal Cost of Renewables” graph
  • Corrected typo in descriptions for N2O and CH4 graphs (Megatons was corrected to 1x106)
  • The y-axis label in graph “CO2 Emissions” was corrected to Gigatons CO2/year


  • Edited the description for “CH4 Emissions” graph and corrected the plotted variable to display anthropogenic CH4 emissions
  • Edited “Storage Costs” graph description for clarity
  • Edited the description for “Cumulative CO2 Emissions” graph
  • Changed the graph name from “Fuel Production Cost” to “Fuel Production Cost by Source” to make it consistent with the titles of the other graphs in the Financial category that are broken out by energy source
  • Added “Greenhouse Gas Net Emissions by Gas—Area” to related graphs for Deforestation

Other Interface Changes


  • You can create a large copy of any of the graphs to use on additional screens or monitors. The graph outputs in the copies remain connected to changes in the control input sliders. These graphs are accessed under the View menu, as “Large Left Graph and “Large Right graph”. You may select multiple copies of left or right graphs.

Coming Soon

  • Localization to many languages is in process! We hope to come to your native language soon!